Mixed plastic recycling banks

Yoghurt pots, butter/margarine tubs, fruit and veg punnets, plastic meat and ready meal trays, plastic bottle tops, cartons (tetra-paks) and take-away coffee cups can all be recycled in the new mixed plastics banks. These new banks can be found in the following locations

  • Oakbank car park, Woolston, SO19 9DT
  • Peartree Gardens car park, Bitterne, SO18 5RS
  • Woodmill car park, Bitterne Park, SO18 2JR
  • Westridge Road car park, Portswood, SO17 2HP
  • 5 Acres car park, Lordshill, SO16 8FA
  • Lordshill Sainsbury’s car park, Lordshill, SO16 8HY
  • Green Park car park, Redbridge, SO16 4QF
  • Cannon Street, Shirley, SO15 5PQ

If you find a recycling container or bottle bank full let us know so we can arrange for it to be emptied.

Request to empty a recycling container or bottle bank

Recycling textiles, shoes and glass bottles

Unwanted clothes, shoes and household textiles can be recycled at textile recycling banks across the city, or by taking them to a local charity shop. Please place your items into a plastic bag and tie pairs of shoes together if possible.

Textile banks in the city are provided on behalf of the following charities:

Mixed glass bottles and jars can be taken to your local recycling centre or deposited in one of the many glass bottle recycling banks in Southampton.

Please use the map below to find your local textile, shoe or glass bottle recycling bin.