Booking a death registration appointment

Please note

Deaths are required by law to be registered within five days (including Weekends and Bank Holidays) unless the coroner is involved.

Before booking an appointment with Southampton Register Office, please check who you should register the death with. 

For any baby/child deaths or stillbirths, please contact us directly on

Booking an appointment with Southampton Register Office

The appointment booking system will only allow you to book an appointment if the paperwork has been processed from the GP surgery, the Medical Examiner’s Office and/or the Coroner’s Office. and all statutory checks have been completed and uploaded to the appointment booking system. (i.e. it is ready to register).

All medical certificates of cause of death (MCCD) will be electronically scanned directly to us from the GP surgery or Medical Examiner’s Office at the hospital. You should not receive the original paperwork in any case. The coroner’s office will also scan their paperwork directly to us.

When you enter the details of the deceased, the booking system will link this to any paperwork we may hold under the same details you have entered and allow you to book the appointment for the death registration.

Unfortunately, if the details you have entered do not match to any paperwork we hold, no appointment can be made. This could be down to a spelling on names and/or the date of death differing or simply the paperwork has not yet been processed and uploaded.

Processing times for the paperwork once received, are during normal office hours Monday to Thursday until 3.30pm and until 2pm on Fridays (not including Bank Holidays). If paperwork is received after the cut off times, it will not be processed until the next working day. This is to ensure all the statutory checks have been made and that the appointment can go ahead. Please allow at least one working day before trying to book again especially if you are trying to book outside of these processing times.

Should you have any queries or concerns, please contact the office on

Please read all of the below before booking your appointment

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Before you register a death

You won't be able to save this form to complete later, so please allow yourself at least five minutes to fill in the form.

Register a death in Southampton

View terms and conditions for death appointments.

Customer survey

After attending your appointment, please fill in our customer survey. We are always interested in your feedback and ideas and appreciate your comments.