Solent Jobs Programme: Helping your business


European Social Fund

What is it?

The Solent Jobs Programme (SJP) is a two year employment programme funded by Southampton and Portsmouth City Deal and the European Social Fund.

We want to work in partnership with local businesses who can provide work placements for local people who are currently out of work in Southampton, Portsmouth, Havant, Gosport and the Isle of Wight.

The placements are cost free to the business and the candidate will be paid the living wage for up to 25 hours a week by the placement agency. We will provide ongoing support to both the business and the candidate, giving the business an opportunity to really benefit from the placement and the candidate a chance to develop their skills and build both competence and confidence in the workplace.

What will it do for my business?

Recruitment opportunities

  • If you are looking to take on additional staff, this programme can provide you with access to a talent pipeline that you might not have previously considered.

Staff development

  • Supervising and mentoring people on work experience offers an excellent opportunity to develop existing employees’ management skills.

A more engaged workforce

  • Providing work experience sends a positive message to the wider workforce about the values of the organisation, which can support employee engagement.

Corporate social responsibility

  • Engaging with the local community, and helping to reduce unemployment in the local area creates a positive business image with employees and your customers.

How does it work?

  • Potential candidates will have been out of work for a period of time, aged over 18 years old, keen to get back into work and assessed as being able to take part in work related activity

  • Candidates work with specialist employment advisors across the area to prepare them for the workplace, including teamwork and confidence building

  • We can provide job specific qualifications such as Food Hygiene or a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card

  • When advisors are confident that the candidate is work ready, we will send their CV for you to select who you want to interview

  • If you feel the candidate could suit your business, they can be offered a work trial of up two weeks

  • Following on from this, the candidate can work 16-25 hours a week for an average of three months in the workplace where the Solent Jobs Programme will pay their wages (National Living Wage) and will issue them with a contract of employment

  • The candidate will have in-work support from their advisor during their placement and this can be anything from advice on travelling to work, managing their health condition to budgeting or training.

The aim of the programme is to support candidates into sustainable employment

Who do I contact for more information?

Julie Fisher
Business Engagement Manager
Tel: 07464 494 105