How we buy

We broadly categorise spend into three bands: High Value, Medium Value and Low-Value. Our Contract Procedure Rules (CPRs) govern how the we select suppliers to provide goods, services or works. A summary of the approach taken under each band is set out below.

High-Value Transactions (£25,000 and above)

For transactions above £25,000 in contract value a formal tender process is conducted and the contract opportunity is advertised on Contracts Finder and the Supply Southampton Portal. Where values exceed the PCR Thresholds, the opportunity will also be advertised on Find a Tender. Once the decision to award a contract is made, each tenderer will be notified in writing of the outcome of the tender process. This notification will include:

  • Details of the contract award criteria
  • Where practicable, the score the tenderer obtained against that award criteria
  • Where practicable, the score the winning tenderer obtained
  • The name of the winning tenderer
  • A statement as to the precise standstill period applicable

Medium-Value Transactions (between £10,000 and £24,999)

For transactions between £10,000 and £24,999 in contract value, at least three written quotations from suppliers will be sought and where appropriate, the opportunity will be advertised on the Supply Southampton Portal at the start of the procurement procedure.

Low-Value Transactions

For transactions valued up to £10,000, at least one written quotation must be obtained.

Local suppliers and Small, Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

We are committed to supporting local suppliers and SMEs to access opportunities. We seek quotes from suppliers from within the Southampton city boundary and SMEs wherever possible and in accordance with our CPRs and related policies.

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