Supplier payment

What information do I need to supply on an invoice?

To ensure the council can make accurate and timely payment to you, the following key information needs to be provided on the invoice:

  • Your full address and VAT number
  • The council's address
  • A unique invoice/identification number (per invoice)
  • Date of invoice
  • The Purchase order number or unique school code
  • Clear description of goods or services being invoiced
  • CIS Net Payees must show the labour/material split

I don’t have a PO number - how do I get one?

For all adult social care purchase orders email: quoting your supplier ID and clients Paris number.

For all other invoices contact the department or school that ordered the goods or services to obtain your PO number.

How do I get a unique school code?

Schools’ invoices do not require a PO number. Instead, suppliers should obtain a unique school code from the school they have supplied and enter this on the invoice. Invoices received without a valid, unique school code will not be processed and will be returned to you unpaid.

Which email address should invoices be sent to?

Invoices should be sent directly to the following email, for speed of processing. Send your invoices, along with any supporting documentation, to: or, for all invoices with purchase orders starting with a 2, please email:

Supporting documents

Some invoices will need supporting documents. Southampton City Council require all supporting documentation to be sent with the invoice as one PDF. Multiple invoices can be sent but must be attached as separate PDFs (not collated into one)

What is Southampton City Council's address?

The address required on all invoices is:

Southampton City Council
PO Box 1756
Civic Centre
SO18 9JS

When will I be paid?

All invoices will be paid within the agreed council payment terms, which can be seen on your Purchase Order. Payment terms are applied from the date your invoice is received by the council, not the date of the invoice.

How are payments made?

Payments are made via BACS. Our payment runs are Tuesdays and Thursdays and can take up to three working days to reach your account.

If you have any questions regarding BACS transfers contact the Creditors Team via email at: