Southampton Voices Unite

Southampton Voices Unite (SVU) meet regularly to discuss their ideas, hopes and plans for the future. They meet once a month online and once a month in person as well as having a variety of fun one off events. They decided to make up shoe boxes which included letters and presents to give to children coming into care to tell them the opportunities it could bring, and to help them feel less scared of the unknown. The letters were also used in the compilation of the Children in Care Guide. One of the letters said:

"Hi. My name is Sarah*. I am 11 years old. I bet you're feeling really scared. Trust me, it's scary at first but it will be ok. I went into foster care at the age of 8. Your foster carer will be there to: love you, protect you, care for you, and be there when you need her. Here's a secret between you and me, foster care isn't that bad, it's actually really fun. Especially when you go out places with them."

*name changed

The SVU has also put together a short film about three real life stories from young people in care titled 'The road is darkest before dawn'.

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