Insurance claims against the council

Making an insurance claim against the council

If you experience damage, loss or harm to yourself or your belongings, you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation against the council. Before making a claim for compensation against the council, please be aware of the following:

Basis for considering claims

Events can often occur that result in injury or a financial loss that are not due to any party’s negligence. All claims are fully investigated to establish whether the council is legally at fault for the incident. If there is no negligence, then no offer of compensation will be made.

Using your own insurance policies

If you have your own insurance arrangements in place providing cover for loss (such as a motor, household buildings and/or contents policy) you may wish to make a claim from this. This should mean that the matter is dealt with more quickly, as there is not the requirement to investigate and establish negligence. If your insurer believes that fault lies with the council, they may contact us to seek a recovery of their outlay.


This information applies to you if you own a flat that has been purchased under the ‘Right to Buy’ Scheme. If you wish to make a claim on your buildings insurance, please telephone Protector Insurance.

Telephone: 0161 274 9077

Highways Claims (for example slips/trips and potholes on pavements or roads)

Claims for damage and injury caused by a defect on the highway are dealt with by the council's Highways Service Partner, Balfour Beatty. To report an incident please refer to our potholes and road problems information.

To request a claim form call 023 8083 3008.

How to make a claim against the council

Please email the council’s Risk and Insurance Team directly so that we can email you a link to a claim form for completion. It is important that you complete and submit the claim form, together with any supporting information, to us as soon as possible, because the investigation process will not begin until this has been received. Depending on the nature and complexity of the claim, it can take a few weeks before a decision on whether the council is liable to pay any compensation is made.

You should keep hold of any damaged items for inspection. If items constitute a health hazard then we have no objection to these being disposed of, but you should take photographs.

You must provide full and accurate details to enable your claim to be investigated properly.



Claims payments made by or on behalf of the council are made from public funds. We therefore take any type of fraudulent claims very seriously. This includes deliberately exaggerating the value of a claim. Appropriate action, which may involve the police, will be taken against anyone submitting a fraudulent claim.

Claims Portal Information

If you are a Solicitor acting on behalf of a claimant, please note that Southampton City Council is registered as a Compensator on the Portal (Portal ID G00319).