Register for Council Tax or tell us you are moving

Let us know when you move into, within or out of the SO14-SO19 Southampton postcode area so we can set up or update your Council Tax bill. This helps ensure that you are not responsible for the bill at your old address and that you receive the correct bill for your new address.

If you're new to Council Tax, we have a useful checklist to guide you through setting up your Council Tax.

Moving into Southampton

If you are new to the area, you will need to register with us. You will need to fill the online forms below, providing us with some details. What we’ll need from you.
  • The date your tenancy starts (if renting)/ date you bought the property (if buying)
  • The date you are moving in to the property (if renting)/ date that you are moving furniture into the property (if buying)
  • If the property is furnished or unfurnished (if renting)
  • Details of the adults 18 years old or over who will be living there – including students etc

Once you have registered with us, we will post your Council Tax bill showing your Council Tax band and a breakdown of your payments. One bill is sent to each property regardless of how many people live there and this may take up to 10 working days.

If only one person aged 18 years old or over lives in the property or the other person(s) in the household, you can apply for Single Person Discount at the end of the form.

Find out more about discounts, exemptions and reductions.

Remember: If you apply to claim a discount after receiving a bill, you will still have to pay the full amount on your bill until we make a decision. If we do award you the discount, you will receive an amended bill within 15 working days after applying.

Moving within Southampton

If you’re staying within the area, you will just need to update us using the form below.
What we’ll need from you:
  • Your Council Tax account number (you can find this on any bills or notices we’ve sent you)
You'll get a bill for each address. We will send you a closing bill for the previous property and a new bill for the new property. These will both be sent your forwarding address. 
If you had a Direct Debit set up on the previous property, we will transfer this over to the new property and any credit on the previous property will be transferred over.

Moving out of Southampton

If you are moving out of the area, you can use the form to let us know. This should be around a month before you leave the property. 

What we’ll need from you:

  • Your Council Tax account number (you can find this on any bills or notices we’ve sent you or if you have a Direct Debit or pay via your bank, your payment reference number)
  • Date your tenancy will end / sale completed on the property
  • The date you are moving out
  • Name and address of the landlord or agent (if renting)/ new owners if possible (if selling)
  • Forwarding address for the closing bill and to close the account

Once you have notified us, your closing bill should arrive within 10 working days at your forwarding address and will detail what is left outstanding on the account.

If you own your current home and it’s empty when you leave, you still have to pay a (reduced rate) Council Tax on it. If you are currently renting and leaving that home, you are no longer responsible for the Council Tax there.

If you had a Direct Debit set up, you can cancel this through your bank or building society as soon as you have notified us.