Request a revisit following an inspection

As the food business operator of the establishment, you have a right to request a revisit to rate your premises again if you have taken action to fix the non-compliances found during the inspection.

You can usually make one request for a re-visit per planned statutory inspection. You can make this at any time after the statutory inspection if you have made the required improvements. 

How to request a revisit

You can apply for a re-visit using the online form. The cost of a revisit is £237.00.

Once we have done the re-visit, the local authority officer will give you a ‘new’ food hygiene rating based on the level of compliance that is found at the time of the revisit

You should be aware that your rating could go up, down or remain the same.


Before you fill in this form

You won't be able to save this form to complete later, so please allow yourself up to 10 minutes to fill in the form.

The revisit will be carried out within three months receiving your request and the payment.

You will need:

  • Payment card details
  • Supporting evidence, if relevant

Request a revisit