Harassment by a landlord or agent

Harassment is a serious criminal offence and can take on a number of forms:

  • Interfering with your post
  • Threatening behaviour towards you
  • Disconnecting services such as gas, electricity and water
  • Turning up at the property without warning
  • Letting themselves in to your home without your permission

Your first step is to write to your landlord asking them to stop and telling them that you will take legal action if their behaviour continues.

  • Keep a diary of events noting everything that happens
  • Try and get the behaviour witnessed
  • Seek advice from the council, a solicitor or an advice centre

If your landlord has changed the locks

If your landlord has changed the locks to your home or physically removes you and/or your possessions, depending upon the type of tenancy you hold this could be an illegal eviction.

This is a criminal offence under the Protection from Eviction Act 1977.

Contact us if this happens; we may be able to prevent the eviction or reinstate you back in to your home by negotiating with your landlord.

If the eviction happens outside of normal office hours, contact the police straight away and then contact us at your earliest opportunity.

If you are experiencing harassment from your landlord/agents or you have been threatened with a lock change, please seek advice from the Council.