Planned maintenance programme

We group together particular types of work for the properties most in need, as this is the most cost-effective way of working.

We try to do this as much as possible and many home improvements and maintenance are done this way, as are some repairs.

Am I going to get new heating, windows or a kitchen?

The following list shows examples of work that can be completed under a planned maintenance programme:

  • New windows or kitchens
  • New central heating, insulation and draught proofing
  • Electrical testing, with any necessary upgrading
  • Repointing brickwork
  • Decorating communal areas or the outside of your home
  • Fencing to communal areas
  • Car park resurfacing

How do we decide who gets what work done?

Our planned maintenance programmes are decided according to if, and what, work is needed to meet:

  • Our legal obligations as a landlord, including the need to maintain health and safety. This includes gas servicing, lift maintenance programmes, and adaptations for people with physical impairments
  • The “Decent Homes” standard
  • The need to improve the environments where people live

Before any work starts we will send you a letter telling you what is due to be done and when work is likely to start. You will be invited to a meeting or an “open day” display to find out more about it and ask questions.

Depending on what work is to be done you will usually get some choice in the style or type of materials to be used.

During the work our tenant liaison officers will be on hand to help ensure it all runs as smoothly as possible and you are kept informed of progress.

Where extensive work is being carried out there will also be other council staff (such as a clerk of works) keeping an eye on things.

Once the work is completed we visit each home to check the quality of the work done.

You will also be sent a customer satisfaction questionnaire so that we can monitor how well we delivered the scheme and what, if anything, can be learned for future schemes.

What happens if I have to move out to allow for major work or improvements?

If we have to do major or extensive work you may need to move out while it is done.

This happens when the work would be a risk to your health and/or safety, or there would not be room for you, while it is being done. We rarely have to ask our tenants to do this.

We will find you another property to stay in temporarily. You can choose to stay with friends or relatives, if you would prefer this and they have room.

As soon as the work is done you will move back to your old home.

The following will be carried out to help you with this temporary move:

  • Your entire home, including any shed or loft, will be emptied and your belongings will be moved by a removal company. We can help with packing if you need it
  • If there is not enough space in your temporary home we will pay for the surplus furniture to be put in store
  • We will pay to lift and refit your carpets if possible. Where they are stuck down they will remain and be protected. If they need to be lifted for access you will have to accept that there may be some residual damage when this is done
  • Pay for the disconnection and reconnection of your appliances such as cooker, washing machine, dishwasher and telephone
  • Assist in removing personal items such as lamp shades or toilet roll holders if you want us to do so
  • Our tenant liaison officers will be on hand to help ensure this goes as smoothly as possible. They will keep you informed of progress

In the unlikely event of us needing your home to redevelop the area, or it needs demolishing, you will have to move out permanently. To have to do so is a condition of your tenancy agreement.

This is extremely rare. If it happens we will find you another property suitable (in size, location and type) for the needs of your household at that time.