Repairs service improvements

What is happening and why?

We know that providing you with a reliable repairs service is one of your top priorities as a Southampton City Council tenant/leaseholder.

We have therefore launched a plan with the aim of improving the way we deliver our repairs service to you. We want to make it easier for you to report your repair, keep you informed of what’s happening, and get it right first time.

This plan will look to improve all these things. We will deliver the plan in a phased way, so you may see some improvements happen before others but we are committed to working with you to get it right.

Better reporting

We aim to make it easier for you to report your repair.Icon of call centre staff

What we are doing

  • Improving the online reporting forms on our website
  • Monitoring the number of contact centre staff to meet demand
  • Making sure our contact centre staff are adequately trained to understand your repair needs
  • Checking, where possible, we have an up-to-date phone number and email address for you when you first contact us

Better communication

We aim to keep you better informed once you've reported your repair.Icon showing people communicating with a smartphone

What we are doing

  • Issuing more than one pre-appointment reminder (via text, phone, letter or email), where we have your contact details
  • Making sure we inform you immediately if changes are made to your appointment
  • Using text as a way to keep you informed (if you have a mobile phone)
  • Being considerate of your preferences to ensure your appointment time is convenient to you

Better repairing

We aim to get your repair fixed first time.Icon showing some tools

What we are doing

  • Working with staff and Travis Perkins (our stock supplier) to ensure, where possible, your repair is fixed first time


Better service

We listen to your feedback to continually improve our service.Icon showing a thumbs-up

What we are doing

  • Using 'Tenants Tell Us' (online survey) to capture your feedback about repairs. 
  • Working with you to continually improve the way we deliver our Repairs Service

Remember you can report repairs online.

Look out for more information about our improvements on posters, online, and in Tenants' Link