Report a repair

Before you start

The quickest and easiest way to report a repair is online via our online form below. You will receive a response to your repair request within 24 working hours. 

COVID-19 Service Update

Important updates due to coronavirus

Reporting a repair

You can report a repair online using the form below, unless it's an emergency repair. When you report a housing repair, please tell us which of the following applies to you or others living in your home. You can simply copy and paste the relevant text below with your online report.

  1. Have you or anyone living in your home currently been tested positive for COVID-19? Or are awaiting test results?
  2. Do you or anyone living in your home have any coronavirus symptoms?
  3. To my knowledge I can confirm that myself and everyone in my household is unaffected by coronavirus

Our tradespeople will still carry out repairs wearing PPE equipment and masks when required. Where you or any of your household have COVID-19, while we still carry out your repairs, you may be asked to stay in another room or at least maintain 2m distancing.

Last updated: 27 September 2023

Before you fill in this form

You won't be able to save this form to complete later, so please allow yourself five minutes to fill it in.

If you are reporting an emergency repair please phone us instead using the details on the emergency repairs page.

When you report a repair we will ask you:

  • What, where and the severity of the problem, giving as much detail as possible
  • When you are available to allow access to your property
  • Email address and phone number to confirm your repair

Report a repair

You will need an email address to report a repair online. This is so we can contact you about the repair. If you do not have an email address, you can contact us by phone instead.

After your report we will then advise you

  • If it is your responsibility as a tenant to carry out the repair
  • If there are charges for repairs to be carried out
  • Your job order number – keep this safe as this will make it easier for you if you need to speak to us in the future
  • An appointment date and time slot when the repair will be carried out, where possible

How soon will my repair be done?

We know that when you report a repair you want it sorted as quickly as possible. But with nearly 950 repair requests received each week we have to deal with the most urgent jobs first.
When you report a repair, we will tell you which following categories it falls into:

  1. Emergency repairs like no heating for those vulnerable to the loss of heating or a burst pipe will be carried out on the same day, usually within four hours
  2. Urgent repairs like broken windows or blocked drains or loss of hot water will be fixed within two days
  3. Standard repairs will be given an appointment within the next 25 days, with more vital repairs like mould and damp problems or broken kitchen/bathroom extractor fans prioritised to 10 days. Less urgent jobs like repairing kitchen units, doors, fences or gates will be carried out within 25 days.
  4. Planned minor works like non-urgent fencing, paving, guttering and re-pointing repairs, where there are no local circumstances indicating that a prompter response is required, may be carried out as a part of a larger order as this is more efficient and economical. Normally this would be up to 60 days. 

Re-arranging or cancelling your appointment

If you are no longer available or need the appointment, you need to let us know as soon as possible. You can use our online form below so long as the appointment is not today or tomorrow, otherwise you will need to contact housing services

You can also use this form to re-arrange or cancel a stock condition survey as long as the appointment is not today or tomorrow.


Before you fill in this form

You won't be able to save this form to complete later, so please allow yourself a couple of minutes to fill in the form.

Re-arrange or cancel an appointment

Remember: If you are out when our tradesperson calls, your job will be cancelled and a card put through your door. You will need to report the repair again and arrange a new appointment.

Chase an existing repair

If you have reported a repair and a tradesperson was not able to complete the repair at the first appointment, you can use the form below to ask for an update.


Before you fill in this form

You won't be able to save this form to complete later, so please allow yourself a couple of minutes to fill in the form.

You will need:

  • Date and address of the repair
  • Repair reference number, if possible

Chase a repair