Hinkler Green

Hinkler green

Hinkler Green, Hinkler Road, Thornhill, Southampton, SO19 6GH.

The Community Award winning Hinkler Green is located right at the heart of the Thornhill area towards the eastern fringe of Southampton and has for many years been a hub for leisure, play and events in Thornhill.


  • Active youth zone
  • Skate park
  • Multi use games area
  • Incidental play area
  • Tranquil zone completed in 2010 - nature conservation, fitness and relaxation
  • Plans are now underway to develop the heritage zone with an aviation theme, community events area and major entrance feature

Further information

The northern boundary of the green is a dual cycle-walkway with houses and walk-up blocks beyond and the other edges are bounded by the loop of Hinkler Road and Ellwood Avenue. The 3.4 hectare green comprises a central active youth zone, a quieter tranquil zone with new circular walkway, a history focussed heritage zone, walkways and tree and shrub areas.

The topography includes some slopes downwards to the valley culvert along the northern edge and upward to the walk-up blocks to the east with two landscaped mounds skirting the youth zone. The walkways follow the direction of ‘greenways’ linking Thornhill Park to Dumbleton's Copse (north-south) and Kanes Hill to Weston Common (east-west).

The green is easily accessed from all sides by foot and cyclists can use the walkways. A main bus route passes along Hinkler Road which also provides car parking spaces.

The shared vision for Hinkler Green Park is “Hinkler Green Park at the heart of a regenerated Thornhill - a valued, well used and loved green space providing a broad range of high quality family based activities for all the local community and the wider neighbourhood.”

Park Friends Groups

Working in partnership with Groundwork South, we encourage and support voluntary park friends groups that are keen to be involved in the maintenance and development of their local park.

Getting to Hinkler Green

If you are planning on getting to Hinkler Green by car it may not be easy to find on your sat nav. A nearby postcode is SO19 6GH. The surrounding roads are Hinkler Road and Elwood Avenue. 
You could also use public transport to get to Hinkler Green. There are regular bus stops along Hinkler Road.

Hinkler Green Management Plans