Park friends groups

We encourage and support voluntary park friends groups that are keen to be involved in the maintenance and development of their local park.

All groups play an important role in managing and developing the parks, including getting funding to improve park facilities. Most groups start with like-minded people who want to get more involved in improving their local environment.

If you would like more information about park community groups, or if you would like to start a group of your own, please contact

Current parks community groups

We are currently working with these groups.  Some of the groups are properly constituted and have a committee whilst others are less formal and may be only two or three residents that meet on an informal basis. 

Cedar Lodge Park -
Common Sense -
Daisy Dip -
Deepdene -
Freemantle Common -
Freemantle Lake Park -
Hinkler Green -
Hum Hole -
Monks Brook Meadow Village Green -
Old Civil Service Ground,  Friends of the Field Community Association -
Peartree Green -
Portswood Rec -
Riverside Park - Friends of Riverside Park
Ropewalk Community Garden -
St James' Park -
Shirley Warren Community Garden -
Sholing Environment Group -
Sholing Valleys Study Centre -
Southampton Common Forum -
Southampton Commons and Parks Protection Society -
Southampton Sports Centre -
Southampton Old Cemetery -
Three Rivers Community Rail Partnership -
Town Quay -
Townhill Park -
Weston Shore -
Westwood -
Woodmill -