Southampton’s Outdoor Sports Centre

Aerial view of the outdoor sports centre showing various pitches, greens and tracks

The Outdoor Sports Centre is a unique facility in the city, providing a diverse range of sports and activities for people to enjoy.

The Outdoor Sports Centre Masterplan will improve the quality of life in our city by providing inclusive access to sport and deliver sustainable economic, social, health and wellbeing outcomes.

The Masterplan of Improvements to Southampton’s Outdoor Sports Centre is expected to deliver £98.8 million of monetised benefits.

You can read more information on the Outdoor Sports Centre Masterplan of Improvements.

Key features of the Masterplan of Improvements

  • New ‘hub’ offering changing facilities, gym, café and more
  • New covered tennis and netball courts
  • Improvements for an integrated cycling offer
  • New artificial grass football pitches
  • Improvements to the hockey pitches
  • Improvements to the snow sports centre including a new ski lodge
  • Transformational use of the north of the site with a new ‘family zone’ providing an outdoor gym, skatepark, children’s play area and more
  • New enlarged grandstand and clubhouse for events and officials at the athletics track
  • Improvements to cricket pitches
  • Additional on-site car parking

The Masterplan of Improvements also proposes other enhancements to paths, seating, lighting and environmental features across the entire site.

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Further information and background

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