Lords Wood Greenway

At its southern end Lords Wood Greenway links with Lordsdale Greenway and Lord’s Wood to the north. The greenway provides an opportunity to enjoy a mainly wooded area with access to Southampton City Golf Course.

A footpath network has been established through the entire length of the greenway from Rownhams Lane to Coxford Road and Lord’s Hill Way and links with Lordsdale Greenway to the south. A cycleway crosses the greenway on its route from Lord’s Hill District Centre to Oakwood Infant and Junior Schools.

Dry deciduous woodland is the main habitat present. The canopy is dominated by Pedunculate Oak which produces acorns on long stalks. However there are areas of grassland north of Lord’s Hill Way and close to Rownhams Lane. Badgers are known to be present in the wood if you are lucky you may catch a glimpse of one around dusk. The badger is Britain’s largest native carnivore. It mainly feeds on earthworms but also eats small mammals and plant roots.

Two areas of open water exist within the greenway. They are each man made and fed by seepage channels or small springs but provide valuable habitats and support a rich flora. The wet area to the west of the greenway contains nine species of sedge and rush in addition to Bog Pimpernel which has small pink flowers.

Much of the wood is relatively undisturbed providing areas for birds to breed in. A great many species can be seen in the greenway including Goldcrest, Treecreeper, Nuthatch and Coal Tit. During the autumn Siskins can frequently be seen feeding on the cones of the Alders which flank the streams.

Four species of bat have been observed in the greenway including the Whiskered Bat which may live for up to 20 years. The presence of bats can be identified by the droppings which are small and crumbly. During the winter their pulse slows right down and they hibernate in cool parts of buildings and hollow trees.