Broadlands Valley

Broadlands Valley Greenway can be accessed from Broadlands Road and Granby Grove. Broadlands Valley is the smallest Greenway. It is situated in the northern part of the city, between Southampton Common and the River Itchen. The Greenway is centred around a narrow stream which runs along its length. Three habitats are present: amenity grassland, damp woodland and woody scrub.

Formal access is only possible on a stepped path which crosses the Greenway between Broadlands Road and Granby Grove.

Wet willow carr within the site has developed relatively recently. The valley was originally part of the 300 acre estate bought by Thomas Dummer in 1705 for £3,400. He built South Stoneham House nearby overlooking the River Itchen. Broadlands Valley was used as allotment gardens until the Second World War and some terracing can still be seen on the site. A concrete bunker, a remnant from the war, is visible from the path.

Since the closure of the allotments, natural regeneration has occurred. A rich and interesting ground flora is now present. Among the species recorded here is Wych Elm, a tree which has very hard wood, resistant to splitting and wetting.

Twenty-two species of birds have been recorded on site during surveys, including Long-tailed tit, Blackcap and Goldfinch.