Rollesbrook Valley Greenway

Rollesbrook Valley Greenway comprises an area of woodland from Wilton Avenue to the back of the properties on Commercial Road and follows the valley of Rollesbrook.

The watercourse emerges from a culvert at the northern end of the site which originates from The Common. The northern section of the Greenway contains a steep sided valley with houses lying along the eastern perimeter. The western boundary is bordered by the grounds of Springhill Catholic School. The southern section of the Greenway rises onto an embankment containing naturally regenerated deciduous woodland dominated by Sycamore.

A large proportion of the Rollesbrook Valley Greenway is densely wooded, in a wild, natural state, which contrasts greatly with the nearby formal city centre parks.

A linear path has been constructed through the northern section of the Greenway, accessible from Wilton Avenue. The path exits adjacent to the Sandhurst Road allotments and play area.

The Greenway contains various wet areas which form important natural habitat.