Planning enforcement

Planning enforcement deals with alleged breaches and cases where alterations have been made or something has been built by individuals or businesses without permitted development rights or planning permission.

A breach can also occur when the use of land or a building has altered without permission, where conditions attached to planning approvals have not been complied with, and where unauthorised advertisements have been installed.

What we will investigate

  • Unauthorised building works
  • Unauthorised changes of use
  • Unauthorised works to Listed Buildings
  • Display of unauthorised adverts/signage
  • Untidy land belonging to private owners

What we will not investigate

  • Matters relating to dangerous buildings/structures – contact Building Control
  • Breaches occurring on or within a public highway – contact Gateway
  • Matters relating to noise disturbance or pollution – contact Environmental Health
  • Works to trees in breach of a Tree Preservation Order – contact Trees

Not all building work requires planning permission and not all unauthorised development is a criminal offence and therefore cannot be treated as one (unless the property is a listed building).

Permitted development does allow some specified building works and changes of use to proceed without the need to submit an application for planning permission.

How to report a planning enforcement breach

We can take enforcement action to get them to put things back to how they were if need be or more often than not, we can request that the owner of an unauthorised development submits a retrospective application to obtain approval.


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Report a planning enforcement breach

You can contact the Planning Enforcement Team online.

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