Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)

In accordance with government guidance the council produces a Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) 2013.

The purpose of a SHLAA is to:

  • Identify sites with potential for housing
  • Assess how many houses / flats might be developed on a site
  • Assess when they are likely to be developed

The SHLAA is set within the wider context of creating mixed communities across the city and an overall balance of homes, jobs and other key services and facilities. The identification of sites in this document, as being potentially suitable for housing, in no way prejudices their potential for other uses. It may be that although a site is considered suitable for housing that it will also be suitable for other uses - ie employment, retail, leisure etc. Decisions about housing sites will be made in the new citywide local plan, informed by the SHLAA.

The Authority Monitoring Report includes progress on sites identified in the SHLAA. It also reports on the city’s housing development and whether it has a five year housing supply. This report is produced annually.

The SHLAA has strong links with the Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA). This identifies the wider housing market areas in South Hampshire, focussed on Southampton and Portsmouth, and provides projections of housing need in these areas. A new South Hampshire Strategic Housing Market Assessment has recently been published by the Partnership for Urban South Hampshire (PUSH).

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