Services for schools: Data Team - School Needs Analysis

The Data team has developed a School Needs Analysis SLA covering a range of topics including health, community safety, economy and demography. 

Children in playgroundThis new analysis will be tailored specifically for your school, identifying the level of need based on your current cohort of pupils. In addition to providing further insight about your school community, its strengths and challenges, this analysis will also better support a school’s ability to apply for grant funding.

The Data team offers this School Needs Analysis to all schools and academies. Schools and academies have the responsibility of ensuring appropriate information governance is in place that covers this needs analysis.

Each school will receive a range of mapping and tabular analysis that identifies the level of need present within your school based on the home postcodes of your current pupil cohort. A range of needs will be assessed from topic areas including health, community safety, economy and demography.

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