Financial systems and support: Southampton schools' Business World

The Education and Early Help Finance team offers this SLA to support schools in the use of Business World and can act as a help desk. There are two service options with the second being around Business World as an ERP system. The ‘day to day’ service option includes:

  • Digital map on world in someone's handsEnsuring that all appropriate staff have access to the system
  • Managing the two-factor authentication setup
  • Assistance with queries regarding how the system and each module works
  • Developing and amending reports (where a business case has been approved)
  • On-going programmed system developments including co-ordination and testing
  • Providing Business World training for new starters and where a need is identified
  • Providing up to date system guidance notes
  • Providing support to users between the hours of 8.30am and 4.30pm (Monday to Friday)
  • Liaison with Business World on problems with or amendments to the system
  • Providing the ability to join any user groups identified linked to Business World
  • Providing a regular newsletter giving details of new and up-coming functionality changes along with contact details etc
  • Monitoring usage of the system
  • Implementing new versions of Business World
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