Zone 21 guidance

Guidance for the entitlement and use of West Marlands Road and Guildhall Square Zone 21 permits.

Three types of permits are available: 30 minutes permit, 1 day permit and 12 months permit.


  • Any person can apply for a permit who needs to use the Zone 21 ‘Permit holder’ bays in connection with events at the Guildhall or Guildhall Square
  • Or for so long as is necessary to load or unload a vehicle at nearby premises if it cannot conveniently be parked in any other road for this purpose
  • When applying for the permit you will need to specify the reason it is required

Use of the permit

  • Loading and unloading is only permitted in the ‘Permit holder’ bays designated for this purpose
  • Anyone wishing to park in these bays to load or unload a vehicle may need to obtain a permit
  • If a vehicle is parked within a ‘Permit holder’ bay without a valid permit it will attract the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice
  • The permit is only valid for use in the bays designated for Zone 21 ‘Permit holders’
  • If the vehicle is parked in any other area it will attract the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice

Applying for the permits

  • 30 minute permits are available over the counter at Gateway. They are intended for short stay visits whilst carrying out business at the council or Guildhall.
  • Day permits available over the counter at Gateway. They are intended for use where a large number of items or bulky items are being loaded or unloaded and where this could not be completed within 30 minutes.
  • 12-month permits are available by postal application to Parking Services. They are intended for use by those requiring regular access to the area for the purposes of loading and unloading.

In all cases permits are issued to enable vehicles to load and unload only. They are not intended for use as a parking permit and once loading or unloading has been completed the vehicle should be removed from the area.

Eligible vehicles

A 12 months permit may either be issued to a specific vehicle, the registration mark of which will appear on the permit, or to a business or organisation the name of which will appear on the permit. Day permits and 30 minute permits show the registration number of the vehicle to which they are issued and are only valid when displayed on this vehicle.

Gateway opening hours

Apply for a 12 Month Permit

You can collect an application from Gateway. This can be returned to Gateway or posted to:

City Parking and Patrol Services,

PO Box 1098,


SO14 7EW