Love to Ride

We've teamed up with Love to Ride, to encourage more people in Southampton to start cycling. Love to Ride is an app that allows you to record your rides for the chance to win amazing prizes during a range of challenges throughout the year.

The Love to Ride challenges

Love to Ride run a series of different challenges throughout the year, offering prizes for workplaces and individuals, whether they are new to cycling or a regular cyclist.

Find out about the next challenge and register on the Love to Ride website to get started.

Workplaces and employees can also register on Love to Ride for some fun, free, friendly competition to see who can get the most staff to cycle. Taking part is a great opportunity to raise the profile of cycling in your organisation and remind friends, family and colleagues how enjoyable and rewarding riding a bike can be.

Why take part?

There are a bike load of reasons to participate:

  1. Achieve your cycling goals - Set goals, earn badges, cheer each other on, and enjoy some friendly rivalry with your friends, neighbours, and colleagues
  2. You want a bike-friendly world – Show your support for cycling and a healthier, happier world
  3. Win prizes – There are some great prizes that you can win by participating in the challenges. Check out recent great prizes here!
  4. Compete on leaderboards - if a little friendly competition gets your legs cranking, then we have a host of leaderboards for you to enjoy
  5. Enjoy building community - connect with your friends, colleagues and fellow riders, share your stories and photos and encourage each other to enjoy riding

To get involved, simply register on the Love to Ride website. You can then start logging your activity manually or by linking your account with a cycling app such as Strava, Endemondo or MapMyRide. Don't forget to invite your friends and family to join in. You can even set up a group for your workplace to enjoy some friendly competition and keep each other motivated by setting shared goals and tracking your progress as a group.