Lost or stolen bins - frequently asked questions

Replacement bin charges frequently asked questions

Why has Southampton City Council introduced a charge for replacement general waste (green lidded) bins? SHOW

What is the charge covering? SHOW

Does the charge apply to all replacement general waste (green lidded) bin requests whether the bin has been lost, stolen or damaged? SHOW

How can I pay for a replacement bin? SHOW

What happens if I don't pay for a replacement bin, will bags of general waste be collected? SHOW

Can I avoid the 'admin' charge by collecting my new bin from the depot? SHOW

My general waste (green lidded) bin keeps being stolen, what can I do? SHOW

I cannot take delivery of the bin, how can I be sure it has been delivered? SHOW

Will the crews return the bin after collection because that is when the bins go missing? SHOW

What am I supposed to do with my waste whilst I wait for the delivery of a bin? SHOW

I have paid the charge for a replacement bin however my old one has now turned up, can I have a refund? SHOW

Do I have to pay for replacement recycling bins? SHOW

Why should I have to pay when someone has stolen my bin? SHOW

Does the law require you to provide bins free of charge? SHOW

Will I be charged if my bin has fallen into the back of the lorry? SHOW

If I pay for a replacement bin, does it then become my property? SHOW

What does it cost? SHOW

What if I get rid of my own refuse and withhold part of my Council Tax? SHOW

How can I stop it being stolen again? SHOW

What if I want to order a smaller bin? SHOW

Can I appeal against the charge? SHOW

I have moved house and there is no general waste (green lidded) bin at my address, do I have to pay for a bin? SHOW

Can I buy my general waste (green lidded) bin from somewhere cheaper? SHOW