Reviews of gambling premises licences

Review application forms and guidance notes are available from the Gambling Commission

The Gambling Act 2005 provides that any of the following may make application for the review of a gambling premises licence on one or more grounds specified in the legislation:

The responsible authorities

  • Hampshire Constabulary
  • The Gambling Commission
  • Hampshire & IOW Fire and Rescue Service
  • Southampton Environmental Health Service
  • Southampton Planning Service
  • Southampton Safeguarding Children Board
  • The licensing authority
  • His Majesty's Revenue and Customs

An interested party, that is, a person who

  • lives sufficiently close to the premises to be likely to be affected by the authorised activities
  • has business interests that might be affected by the authorised activities, or
  • represents persons who satisfy paragraph 1 or 2

Anyone considering making application for a review is strongly advised to take appropriate professional legal advice before doing so. Pending review applications and notices of intention to hold a review are as follows:

No current review applications

It is possible for any of the responsible authorities or interested parties to make written representations about a review during the notice period. The licensing authority will then make arrangements for the review to be heard by the Licensing and Gambling Sub-Committee as soon as is reasonably practicable.

Data Protection

Please note that the licensing authority may be required by law to disclose to the appropriate authorities, from time to time, further information relating to applications and licences for the purposes of law enforcement and the prevention of fraud.