Cruise ship supplies

A new procedure regarding ships supplies came into effect on Tuesday 20 September 2022. For clarification, this relates to consignments leaving their port of origin on or after 20 September 2022.

This has come about due to the UKs implementation of EU Regulation 2019/2128 (as amended) that refers to establishing the model official certificate and rules for issuing official certificates for goods which are delivered to vessels leaving the Union and intended for ships supply or consumption by the crew and passengers.

From 20 September 2022 we now require the following information/ documents and action taken in order to provide clearance.

There is now a requirement to pre-notify the port health authority of all POAO in the form of a completed CHEDP. Please provide 1 CHED per HC. Import charges apply and 100% documentary checks as well as 100% identity checks will be carried out on all consignments of POAO (calling the container for exam to verify the official seal number, country of origin and the establishment number is in place). We will also cross reference batch/lot codes where documented on the official HC.

In addition to this, as the person responsible for the load in port, you are requested to complete Part I of the official certificate for goods delivered to vessels leaving GB for ship supply or consumption by the crew and passengers. Download a copy of the form, it should accompany the prenotifications please. We require one model certificate per container listing all the CHEDP’s as required.

Once port health have examined the container and it is deemed satisfactory, it will be released and Port Health complete Part II of the certificate. This is scanned back to you together with a copy of the signed CHEDP and we ask that you forward this to the Master of the ship or their representative on board to sign, date and stamp with the ship’s stamp. We ask that this is then returned to us at with container number and vessel name in the title for confirmation that the consignment/s have been accepted by the Master on board.

Please note this procedure relates to POAO including meat, fish, dairy and composite products.

Please note that caught fish that are part of cruise ship supplies, are also subject to IUU regulations. For further details please visit Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing.