Infectious disease control on vessels

Southampton Port Health Authority is responsible for controlling infectious disease within its statutory boundary on merchant vessels, passenger vessels and cruise ships.

Our statutory boundary encompasses:

Southampton Water; East and West Solent; the Eastern Docks base for transatlantic liner operations, Western Docks, the Container Terminals, Marchwood Military Port, the Marine Oil Terminals at Fawley, Hamble Grain Terminals, River Wharfs (and the City Airport).

Maritime Declaration of Health (MDH)

The master of any vessel approaching from a foreign port to the Port of Southampton, or any other berthing or anchorage point within Southampton Port Health Authority area, Must complete and submit a Maritime Declaration of Health (MDH) no less than 12 hours prior to arrival if there is a known infectious disease onboard. We also request we are contacted by phone on 02380 226631. We run an out of officer hours emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A Maritime Declaration of Health must conform with the model form that is prescribed within the Public Health (Ships) Regulations 1979 (as amended by the 2007 Regs).

The completed MDH form must be submitted to

If suspected or confirmed cases of infectious disease are being reported, please also contact us by phone 24/7 on 023 8022 6631.