Organic certificates

All consignments of organic origin must be pre-notified to Southampton Port Health Authority 24 hours prior to the arrival of the vessel. 

A certificate of inspection must accompany each consignment. Original Certificates relating to the consignment must be presented to this office for endorsement. There is a £45 charge that must be paid through the PHILIS payment system before the consignment can be released.

Previously organic products from most countries outside the EU required a Defra organic import authorisation. However as of 1 July 2012 this may not be necessary, as long as one of the following two points apply:

  1. The goods, control body and country are listed in Annex III to Commission Regulation 1235/2008 (as amended). Approved produce from these countries, provided it has been inspected and certified by one of the control bodies listed in Annex III, may be brought freely into the EU and marketed as organic. 
  2. If the exporter is licensed by a control body listed in either Annex I or IV of Commission Regulation 1235/2008 (as amended)

The model Organic Certificate can be found in Annex V of Commission Regulation 1235/2008. If the certification is satisfactory, the certificate will be signed by a Port Health Officer and either released or examined. After all checks have been completed the certificate will be returned to the importer/agent.