Section 249 Local Government Act 1972 states:

‘A principal council may confer the title of honorary aldermen on persons who have, in the opinion of the council, rendered eminent services to the council as past members of that council, but who are not then members of the council. No honorary alderman, while serving as a member of the council, is entitled to be addressed as alderman or to attend or take part in any civic ceremonies of the council as an alderman. An honorary alderman of a principal council may attend and take part in such civic ceremonies as the council may from time to time decide, but does not, as such have the right:

  1. To attend meeting of the council or a committee of the council (including a joint committee upon which it is represented), or
  2. To receive allowances or other payments.

In order to be nominated for the title of Honorary Alderman, the following criteria should be met:

  1. Any former councillor considered for appointment to the Aldermanic Bench must have served for a minimum of eight years;
  2. Subject to (i) above, any former councillor nominated must have given outstanding service to the Council over and above a councillor’s normal duties (which normal duties are defined in the Council’s Constitution at Article 2.3(a)). In particular they must have:
    1. Been a chairman for at least two years of a principal member-level body, that being of the Cabinet, the Overview & Scrutiny Board, the regulatory committees and other such committees established from time to time;
    2. A member of the Cabinet for at least three years
    3. Mayor of the City; and/or
    4. Given other outstanding service to the City.

Public nominations are not accepted.