Members' (Councillors') Allowances

The Members' Allowance Scheme is detailed in Part 6 of the Constitution. An Independent Remuneration Panel meets to make recommendations on the Member Allowance Scheme and on any amendments to it.

Southampton City Council is not permitted to change the scheme without the recommendations of the Panel. Any recommendations of the Panel are then considered by Standards and Governance Committee and then by Full Council.

The Independent Remuneration Panel met in 2014 and again in October 2018. The latest Panel report is below.

Councillors are entitled to receive a Basic Allowance, which is intended to recognise the time devoted by Councillors to their work.

This includes approved duties listed in the scheme and other inevitable calls on their time, including working with constituents and involvement as Councillors in various groups in their wards and the City. It is also to cover the cost of phone calls and other individual expenses for which no other provision is made.

Some Councillors also receive a Special Responsibility Allowance in addition to the Basic Allowance. This is in recognition of the special responsibilities they have as Leader of the Council, Cabinet Members, Group Leaders or Chairs of Committees.

Local Authorities are required to publish annually the total amount of allowances paid to individual Councillors and co-opted Members of the Council.

The Independent Remuneration Panel Report was considered by Council onĀ 21 November 2018. The Minute details the subsequent decision by the Council


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