Register of Members' interests

The council adopted a new Code of Conduct in July 2012. This new code requires Councillors to register details of their disclosable pecuniary interests and other personal and pecuniary interests in the council's 'Register of Members' interests'.

This is required to happen within 28 days, or (if later) within 28 days of their election or appointment to office. This is done by providing written notification to the council's Monitoring Officer.

Councillors must register details of any new interest or change details of any existing, registered interest by providing written notification to the councils Monitoring Officer.

This must be done within 28 days of becoming aware of any new registrable interest or change to any such interest that they have previously registered. The information will be included in the council's register of Members' Interests.

Possible exception - sensitive information

Where Councillors consider that the information relating to any of their registrable interests is sensitive information, and the council's Monitoring Officer agrees, they need not include that information when registering that interest, or, as the case may be, a change to that interest.

'Sensitive information' means information whose availability for inspection by the public creates, or is likely to create, a serious risk that the Councillor or a person who lives with him or her may be subjected to violence or intimidation.

Viewing the Registers

The registers are available for public inspection both online and in hard copy - please note that online versions of the register only contain the home addresses of Councillors where they have request that it is included.

Please see the Councillors pages to access the Register of Members' Interest.

Current hard copies of the public registers for Councillors are kept by Democratic Services.