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Please follow the instructions below and use the link to request and pay for any Local Land Charges searches and/or copy documents.

If you wish to request an official Local Authority Search, please select the search parts you require and, when prompted, please attach all relevant search forms and a location plan. We are unable to process your search if all relevant search forms are not included. The online form can accept more than one attachment so search forms and plans can be submitted as separate documents if necessary.

If you wish to request copy documents, please select the 'Copy Document' option and provide, when prompted, details of the agreements you require such as date of agreement, type of agreement, address the agreement relates to, so that we can match your request to your payment. Please note that if only an address is included we cannot determine which documents you require.

Whilst the form is set up to calculate the required fee based on the options you select, please ensure you have checked and are aware of our current fee structure beforehand.


Before you make a payment

You won't be able to save this form to complete later, so please allow yourself a couple of minutes to fill in the form.

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Order a Local Land Charges search