Personal Local Land Charges Searches

To make a booking for a personal search please complete the booking form below. There are no restrictions on how many searches you can book. The booking system will locate the earliest date available for the search, but you can select any available date. We require a minimum of five working days to make the data available to you.

An uploaded plan of the property/area to be searched is required at the time of booking and a booking cannot be secured without this.


Before you fill in this form

You won't be able to save this form to complete later, so please allow yourself five minutes to fill in the form.

Land charges - book a personal search

Accessing the data

Requested Data will published on our personal search page. We aim to make the data available to you by 10am on the date requested and it will remain on this page for the day of the booking only. If you do not view the data requested on the date you have booked it for, you will need to rebook the search for a future date.

When you look at the data please remember that due to the drawing of boundary lines on the computer systems used, not all relevant planning permissions (part 3 charges) may show on the extract. Further, some information revealed may not be relevant (e.g. a planning permission may be revealed which relates only to a site abutting that being searched.) If you believe any data is missing, or any data has been revealed incorrectly, you should verify this by searching Planning Public Access and to ensure you obtain all relevant planning permissions.


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