Local Land Charges search and fees

The Local Land Charges full search gives you important information if you are planning to buy a house, a plot of land or lease a property.

The search will let you know about any charges or responsibilities you will be taking on when you exchange contracts. For example, the council looks after some footpaths at public expense; but others may be the responsibility of the owners or leaseholders. You will want to know about any restrictions or preservation orders on the property. It will also give you information about any planning applications that may affect the property in the future. For example, if any new roads are being proposed close to your property.

The full search offers the best protection. It is the only search that looks at important up-to-date local details and proposed developments. The standard questions are sent to other council departments and are meant to give extra information about the property that is not included on public registers.

How much will my search cost? 

Current Fees: Search Fees with effect from 1/4/2024

The search that we recommend, if you are buying any type of property, is made up of:

  • A questionnaire CON29, as well as
  • Form LLC1 (the local land charges register).

The CON29 contains standard questions and a second part, the Con29O, is for additional enquiries. The CON29R and CON29O are copyrighted forms and need to be obtained from a law stationers or the Law Society. The LLC1 form can also be obtained from law stationers or a version created by the conveyancer/solicitor.    

The questions act as a 'warning', as the information they show should guarantee that you will not be taken by surprise by any regulations or charges put on you in your new property.

For example there may be issues on: 

  • Proposed Compulsory Purchase Orders
  • Traffic Schemes
  • Building Regulations

We complete all search requests within 10 working days, however we are currently returning within 4-5 working days.

Search results will be returned to you via email if you provide your email address on the completed forms.

Our fees are calculated on a cost recovery basis and are excellent value for money. Please see the link above for a full list of our current fees. Fees for Copy Documents can be found at the link below. Payment should be made by credit/debit card using our online payment portal. 

If you would like to pay for a search online, please follow the link on our Pay Us page.

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