Copy Local Land Charge documents and Articles

The documents containing articles 4, 5 and 6 are available below to download free of charge.

For a fee of £3 per document, we can supply copy documents of other registrations revealed on the Local Land Charges Register such as:

  • Section 106 agreements
  • Section 278 agreements
  • Tree Preservation Orders
  • Enforcement Notices

Payment should be made by credit/debit card using our online payment portal on our Pay Us page. Please note we are unable to accept payments by BACS. We aim to return the documents to you within two working days.

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Available downloads

Document Type Size
Article 5 Direction 1945 (LLC/2/A/1)pdf34.5 KB
Article 6 1946 (LLC/2/A/2)pdf1.9 MB
Article 4 Direction (Hovercraft) 1971 (LLC/2/A/3)pdf523.8 KB
Article 4 Direction (HMO) 2011 (LLC/2/A/4)pdf2.0 MB
Article 4 Canton Street (LLC/2/A/5)pdf1.8 MB
Article 4 Netley Anchorage Marchwood (LLC/2/A/6)pdf2.6 MB
Article 4 Glasslaw Exeter Roads Rutland Way 1950 (LLC/2/A/7)pdf1.0 MB
Article 4 Commercial Road 1950 (LLC/2/A/8)pdf2.5 MB
Article 4 Oakmount Triangle (LLC/2/A/9)pdf4.0 MB
Article 4 Portswood Residents Gardens (LLC/2/A/10)pdf2.0 MB
Article 4 Porchester Brickfield Northcote Somerset Roads Spring Crescent 1950 (LLC/2/A/11)pdf1.3 MB
Article 4 Uplands Estate Ethelburt Avenue 1950 (LLC/2/A/12)pdf2.0 MB
Article 4 Rockstone Lane (LLC/2/A/13)pdf1.8 MB
Article 4 Cavendish Grove (LLC/2/A/14)pdf1.6 MB