Reduction for care leavers

The care leaver reduction scheme aims to support care leavers, up to the age of 25 years old, to help manage their Council Tax.

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Am I eligible for Council Tax reduction?

A care leaver is defined as a person aged up to the age of 25 years old, who has been looked after by a local authority for at least 13 weeks since the age of 14 (it didn't have to all be in one go, but the time in care must add up to 13 weeks), and this ended on or after their 16th birthday.

“Looked after”, or “in the care of a local authority” includes at home under a care order, in foster care, in local authority accommodation, or under kinship care.

Check your Council Tax bill for April 2019 to see whether we have automatically applied this discount. If this hasn’t happened and you believe you are eligible for the reduction, you can apply online.

To apply, you will need to tell us:

  • How long you were in care
  • When you were in care
  • Which local authority you were with for your care
  • Details about where you are currently living in Southampton
  • Details of anyone living with you, including the date they moved in

Each application is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

If you are not a care leaver but a care leaver moves in with you, please let us know about your change in circumstances:


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What happens next?

We will review your application and let you know of our decision, in writing, within 21 days.

If we do award you the discount, you will receive an amended bill 15 working days after applying.