Overgrown and untidy gardens

Overgrown and untidy gardens can impact on the appearance of a neighbourhood, however, the council is only likely to take action on untidy gardens or land if they contain items which may be harmful to health or a nuisance i.e. rotting food waste which may create odour or attract vermin.

Inert materials, such as rubble and timber are unlikely to cause a nuisance.

We would encourage you to speak to your neighbour directly when problems arise; in many cases things can be resolved amicably without needing to involve the Council.

If this is not possible, or you have tried but the problem has continued, be aware that there are strict laws on the action you can take yourself:

  • You cannot trespass onto a neighbour’s garden to remove rubbish or foliage
  • Trees may have a tree preservation order placed upon them and you can be fined if you remove anything other than dead wood
  • If the branches or roots from your neighbour's garden encroach upon your land, you may trim them back to your boundary, although by law you should offer any clippings back to your neighbours.

Overgrown gardens do not necessarily attract rats as they also need food and water – for further information on rat infestations visit our report a rat problem page.

If you would like to report concerns about an overgrown or untidy garden you can so by using the form below.


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