Reporting environmental issues

Street issues and home life are incredibly important to our city and residents. Use the links below for guidance on dealing with environmental issues affecting your street or home life:

Report a neighbourhood nuisance

If an issue related to a neighbouring property is causing you a problem, we may be able to help. Visit our Neighbourhood nuisances page to get advice on issues such as noise, light, dust, smoke or odours.

Report a concern about a property

For a number of reasons, properties may not be being looked after. If a property has become very dirty, with possible rodent infestations, or possessions are being hoarded, potentially creating difficulty accessing the property, report your concerns about a property to us so we can investigate further.

Report a street cleaning problem

Instances of fly tipping, dog fouling, dead animals, spillages, broken glass or other dangerous items you have seen on a road, pavement or public space in Southampton can be reported to us as a street cleaning problem. We aim to deal with at least 75% of urgent requests within one working day of them being reported. Graffiti and fly-posting will also be investigated.

Roads and parking

Let us know about abandoned vehicles, or a problem with a road or pavement, such as a pothole.

Other issues

If the issue you want to report is not given above, please view all the options.

Otherwise, if you want to report something not given on these pages, please view the full list of our online forms.