Overhanging vegetation

Autumn leaves

Please note: We are experiencing disruption to our grass mowing and vegetation trimming schedule on the East side of the city due to staff having to self-isolate.

If overgrown or overhanging vegetation is causing an obstruction to the highway it should be removed and disposed of responsibly to ensure the highway remains safe for all its users.

Most work required to overhanging vegetation is of a relatively minor nature and can be readily undertaken by the owner or property occupier responsible.

Where significant tree work is required it is recommended that this be carried out to British Standard BS3998

Tree Preservation Orders provide protection for designated trees both from removal or significant pruning. Highway safety is vital and permission is not necessary for essential safety work.

Disposal of vegetation

Any "green" vegetation, cuttings etc can be taken to the City Depot Waste and Recycling Centre in Millbrook for composting. This is free of charge to all household residents within the city if you go to the recycling centre in person. If you have employed a contractor to do the work they may make a charge for disposal. Garden waste bins may also be used to dispose of small hedge and shrub cuttings as well as branches up to 7.5cm in diameter.

You can report council owned hedges overgrowing the road or footpath.

Report overhanging vegetation

If you cannot carry out the work yourself or need specialist advice please call 023 8083 3005.

Failure to comply

Under Section 154 of the Highways Act 1980, this Authority has the power not only to serve notice to cut back offending vegetation, but also to carry out the work itself and recover all costs incurred. If you fail to remove the offending vegetation, a formal notice would be given of this next stage of action but it is hoped that the timely cooperation of residents will make this unnecessary.

Vegetation can grow very quickly especially during warm wet summer months, it is recommended that consideration is made for this when undertaking maintenance work.