Trees and construction

Trees and construction

Where there are trees either on site or within close proximity to the site, we will consider them when making decisions on planning applications for that site.

When making a planning application a full tree survey will be required and must be submitted with your application. An arboricultural consultant will be able to assist you with this.

BS 5837:2012 is a British Standard that recommends the steps that should be taken to ensure that trees are appropriately retained when development takes place. All planning applications are expected to follow this standard to ensure that trees are considered within the design, construction and future management of development sites.

Where trees are identified on or near a site the following evidence is required. If this evidence is not provided your planning application will be delayed:

  • An accurately measured land plot survey (see section 4 of BS 5837)
  • A tree survey (see section 4 of BS 5837)
  • A plan showing root protection areas and any above ground constraints (see section 5 of BS 5837)
  • An arboricultural implications assessment (see section 6 of BS 5837)
  • An arboricultural method statement including a tree protection plan (see sections 6 & 7 of BS 5837)
  • An appropriately designed development plan showing all relevant tree information (see section 7 of BS 5837)

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