Abandoned shopping trolleys

The collection and removal of abandoned shopping trolleys can divert valuable staff and resources away from other street cleansing activities that are more urgently required in your neighbourhood. We will therefore only collect and remove abandoned trolleys as a matter of last resort, such as when a trolley is too dilapidated for the responsible store or supermarket to be identified. In the majority of cases, we support and encourage the responsible retail business to collect the trolley, either through the use of the company’s own staff and vehicles or a specifically appointed removal agent.

Our street cleansing team strives to maintain an up to date record of the contact details of all stores and supermarkets trading in the Southampton area. On receiving a report of an abandoned trolley, we can pass the location details on to the relevant supermarket or their appointed removal agent.

In order for these onward referrals to operate effectively, we need the location details and the company name displayed on the trolley. Unless all of this information is supplied, we will be unable to direct the removal request onwards to the responsible business.


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