Leaf clearing

The street cleaning district teams clear fallen leaves from pavements and road channels from October until January.

This work follows the same sequence as the routine street cleaning programmes, but takes longer due to the volume of additional materials that must be collected and disposed of.

We ensure all streets are visited and cleaned as quickly as possible by working systematically through areas. We also respond reactively to reports of road drain grilles blocked by leaves or storm debris and slippery conditions in areas of high footfall. We prioritise areas near schools, bus stops, and accommodation for the elderly.

How you can help

Residents are responsible for clearing and disposing of leaves in their own property and garden. Leaves can be composted along with other garden waste to help improve your soil next growing season, or taken away as part of the garden waste collection service.

When extreme rainfall conditions are forecast, residents can help by raking off or knocking away any leaves or storm debris that might block road drains.

Report leaves and grass cuttings

Your street should be visited and cleared of leaves by early January. If significant volumes of leaves remain after this time, please let us know.

You can report fallen leaves that are causing wet, slippery conditions, as well as leaves or other debris blocking the access grille to a road drain.

We may be unable to attend all reports as we’re receiving high volumes of enquiries and need to give priority to hazardous conditions.


Before you fill in this form

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You will need:

  • A photo if possible, as this helps us assess and prioritise our work

Report leaves and grass cuttings

To find out about leaf clearing from parks and green spaces, read our information about parks maintenance

For information on our grass cutting program please visit our grass cutting pages.