Landmark estate regeneration of Townhill Park


Townhill Park regeneration

The estate regeneration of Townhill Park will see hundreds of new homes built plus the creation of a new community green space.

Works to implement traffic-calming measures along Meggeson Avenue are now complete including. These improvements, along with the delivery of a new community green space, have been funded through a £3.75M Homes England grant. Find out more about the road improvements to Meggeson Avenue.

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Working at the heart of the community

Community engagement plays a vital role in ensuring the regeneration of Townhill Park delivers affordable, energy efficient and quality homes for local people who feel at home in their neighbourhood.

We continue to work with SO18 Big Local, a National Lottery-funded community group covering Harefield, Midanbury and Townhill Park. The group runs community activities, offers health and wellbeing support, helps people learn new skills and provides an effective communication channel between the council and local residents.

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Decommissioning is when the council decides to redevelop a property which means the tenants and leaseholders would be required to move out. The decommissioning of Townhill Park is required so the council can redevelop new housing as part of the regeneration of the estate.

In 2017, Southampton City Council consulted on a revised decommissioning timetable changing the phases and giving details of the timescales of the different plots. The suggested changes were largely driven by issues with the condition of properties and likely expensive repairs. These changes formed part of a bigger city-wide consultation on the decommissioning and regeneration acquisition policies. The revised timetable was approved by Cabinet in November 2017.

When we consulted on the decommissioning timetable, we said that the order may be reviewed as time goes on. It could be adjusted to make sure we deliver the most efficient decommissioning and building programme. We also said that we would keep local stakeholders informed and involved in this. Following discussions with residents of Townhill Park and a review of the decommissioning timetable, there were a few changes that we wanted to propose. There are a lot of factors to consider before making changes to the timetable, including the condition of different properties, the funding available, and what the community thinks.

From 5 October to 31 December 2020, the council consulted on the proposed changes to the decommissioning timetable. The results of the consultation were analysed and considered with the majority of responses in support of each of the changes. The revised timetable was approved in July 2021.

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Initial Demolition Notice (IDN) at Townhill Park

All council tenants who live within the Townhill Park Regeneration area and are affected by the decommissioning and demolition programme have received a formal Initial Demolition Notice that the council is proposing to demolish their home by 31 December 2025.

View more information, FAQs and the official IDN here.