You are responsible for decorating the inside of your home. This includes filling in any small cracks or holes we will do more major plaster repairs. You can visit our self-help page on how to fill cracks and holes in plaster for guidance and videos.

We are responsible for decorating the outside of your home and major plaster repairs. In blocks of flats we are also responsible for any shared (communal areas) such as staircases, landings and corridors.

Some things to bear in mind

You are free to decorate inside your home to your own style and taste and to put up any shelving. However there are a few things you need to bear in mind:

  • Your tenancy agreement requires you to keep your home decorated and in good condition, with no graffiti or damage
  • If you want to remove Artex please get advice from your local housing office or our asbestos team at Pollution and Safety Services (023 8083 2170)
  • We do not recommend Artex (or similar) on walls as it can form sharp points that could injure someone. It can also be difficult to maintain or remove
  • Do not Artex areas affected by condensation, such as bathrooms. Moisture and dust collects on it, it is difficult to clean and this encourages mould growth
  • If you move and leave behind Artex that is sharp or causing other problems, we will remove it and you may be charged for the cost of this
  • Asbestos was widely used as a building material until the mid-1980’s. You should have been given an information sheet telling you where, or if, asbestos is to be found in your home and what to do to avoid damaging it.

Decorating vouchers

If you move into a property with poor decoration or need to touch up paintwork following a repair such as damp and mould treatment, we may give vouchers to help with the cost of decorating.

You will either be issued these by your local housing office as part of the sign up process or by tradesperson on completing the repair. They will let you know whether you will get this and explain how to use them.

The value of the voucher varies based on room type, and they can only be used for decorating materials such as interior paints.

You can use this card at any B&Q stores and they are valid for 6 months after being activated by your local housing office. The amount should be written on the back of the card.

There are some helpful guides and videos on our website on how to paint a wall or ceiling. You can also use these handy ceiling painting calculator or wall painting calculator to work out how many litres of paint you need to buy.

If you are moving into sheltered accommodation, you are a person with disabilities or are a single parent we may be able to help you with the work instead of giving vouchers.