Apply for building regulations approval

If you intend to carry out building work, you are required by law to make sure it complies with regulations.

An application for building regulation approval must now be made online at the Submit-a-plan website. To submit your application, click on the link provided below.

Submit-a-plan website

To pay your application charge online:

  1. Send your plans via the Submitaplan website
  2. We will check your plans and confirm the charge in an email
  3. To pay online, simply wait for our email confirming your charge and ‘click’ on the link provided to make your payment

Your payment will be automatically linked to your application which will then be registered and processed.

Types of application

Depending upon the scale and type of work involved, there are three different procedures available for making a building regulations application.

Full Plans application

For this a detailed set of plans need to be drawn to scale. They must also show full construction details and contain a specification detailing how the regulations will be met. 

The plans will then be thoroughly checked by a surveyor within 10 working days who will highlight any amendments required. A formal decision on the application will be issued within five weeks or two months as appropriate.

Apply via the Submit-a-plan website

Building Notice application

This lends itself to works of a relatively straightforward nature and should be used by persons who are familiar with the requirements of the regulations. If you choose this option, detailed plans are generally not required. A greater emphasis is placed on the site inspection process. 

However plans and details can be requested during the course of the work if it is complex, for example where a room in the roof is proposed. 

The following can not be a submitted under a Building Notice application and need a Full Plans application:

  • Any building work relating to commercial buildings and containing a 'work place'
  • Where building work, including new buildings, extensions and underpinning, is proposed over a public sewer shown on the `Map of Sewers'

Apply via the Submit-a-plan website

Regularisation application

This is a retrospective application relating to previously unauthorised works i.e. works carried out without building regulations consent, started on or after the 11 November 1985. The purpose of this process is to regularise the unauthorised works and provide independent certification of the work. 

Depending on the circumstances, the work may need to be opened up and rectification of works may be necessary to ensure compliance with building regulations.

Apply via the Submit-a-plan website

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