Pay the council online

We are aware that customers using cards issued by Nat West and Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) are experiencing issues when making payment through our web site. We apologise for the inconvenience and advise using a card issued by an alternative bank until this is resolved. If you have a payment that is interrupted or appears to fail, we recommend that you first check the payment with your bank before attempting to make the payment again.

Below is a list of services with links to the appropriate payment pages. You will need your account number or a reference number to be able to complete the payment.

IMPORTANT: Southampton City Council has implemented 3D Secure for its payment services. Your card must be registered for 3D Secure for the payment to be successful. This can be completed via your issuing bank's online banking system.


Animal welfare 

This includes payments for lost and found dogs and licenses for: home boarding (dog sitting), animal boarding, dog breeding, riding establishments, performing animals, zoos, pet shops and dangerous wild animals.

Building control 

This includes payments for archived applications, exempt applications and solicitor documents.

Please note: If you have an invoice then please use the invoice option below.

Council Tax and Business Rates 


  • Housing Benefit Overpayment
  • Housing Rent - You can pay for the following using our online payment form:
    • Housing rent (for all account types)
    • Service charges (leaseholders)
    • Shared ownership rent
    • Repair charge invoice
    • Major works invoice
    • Garage or parking space rental fee

This form is for payment reference numbers beginning with D or 14, I or 15, F or 16, G or 17, H or 18.


You will need your invoice number which can be found at the top right or bottom right of the invoice.

Music services 

This includes payments for music parental contributions, insurance income and tour/ trip income, peripatetic lessons, Trinity and ABRSM exam entries, ensemble membership payment and instrument hire.

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