Report an incident

The council has a legal responsibility to protect the health, safety and well being of all its employees, pupils and visitors. In order to fulfil this responsibility and comply with legislation SCC must ensure that all accidents and incidents are reported, recorded and investigated.

The Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) has been developed to make this process more efficient and less of an administrative burden.


Please follow the links below to open the online forms and report an accident or incident:

  • Accident/incident - an accident or incident which has resulted in injury to a person
  • Violence or abuse - an event of violence or abuse which may include physical injury
  • Other - usually incidents involving asbestos, gas or other dangerous occurrence
  • Near-miss or hazard - Incidents which could have resulted in injury but didn't, or a hazard which is a situation or object which has the potential to cause harm to a person, damage property or the environment
  • RIDDOR - reporting of COVID-19


Head Teachers need to log into the HSMS system using their personal accounts to review accidents and incidents and take actions as requested by CHSS.

Headteachers log in

You can view a flow chart of the review process. If you have forgotten your log in details or have any other problems logging in please contact the Corporate Health and Safety Service at