Schools contract templates

On this page are templates for schools to use to produce Statements of Particulars, Letters of Appointment and Variation Letters. If you have any problems using these templates please contact the HR Advisory Team in Southampton City Council at

Letters of appointment

Document Company Type of contract
S001 Headteacher/Executive Headteacher/Deputy Headteacher/Assistant Headteacher/Teacher Permanent
S002 Early Careers Framework Teacher Permanent
S003 Assistant Headteacher/Teacher/Unqualified Temporary
S004 Assistant Headteacher/Teacher/Unqualified Teacher Fixed Term
S005 Acting Deputy/Assistant Headteacher Temporary
S006 All Support Employees (Permanent) Permanent
S007 All Support Employees (Temporary) Temporary
S008 All Support Employees (Fixed Term) Fixed Term
S009 All Teaching Employees (maternity cover) Temporary
S010 All Support Employees (maternity cover) Temporary
S187 All Casual Staff (Teaching and Support) Casual

Teaching contracts – SCC Employer

Document Company Type of contract
S264 Teacher All
S262 Deputy Headteacher/Assistant Headteacher All
S263 Headteacher All
S261 Contract Template Guidance - Teachers (under review)  

Teaching contracts – Governing Body Employer

Document Company Type of contract
S265 Teacher (Governing Body) All
S266 Deputy Headteacher/Assistant Headteacher (Governing Body) All
S267 Headteacher (Governing Body) All
S268 Contract Template Guidance - Teachers (Governing Body) (under review)  

Teaching contracts – All

Document Company Type of contract
S023 Teacher (Out of Hours Learning Activity) Fixed Term
S182 Casual Staff Contract (teachers 2) Casual

Support Employees Contracts

Document Description
S239 School 52 Week Contract Template BAU
S241 School TTO 39 Week Contract Template BAU
S242 School TTO (other than 39 weeks) Contract Template BAU
S243 School Casual Contract Template BAU
S244 School Clerk to Governors Template Contract BAU

Letters of Variation


Document Description
S215 Headteacher Salary Increase
S050 Acting Headteacher - pending permanent appointment
S051 Acting Headteacher - during sickness absence
S053 Temporary Teaching and Learning Responsibility Payment
S054 Permanent Teaching and Learning Responsibility Payment
S055 Successful application to move through Threshold to Upper Pay Spine
S056 Teacher - Fixed Term Variation to FTE Fraction
S057 Teacher - Permanent Variation to FTE Fraction
S269 Fixed Term Teaching and Learning Responsibility Payment 3

Support Staff – Monthly Paid

Document Description
S059 Incremental Progression
S060 Term Time Only - Temporary variation of hours to existing temporary contract
S061 Permanent and Part Time - Fixed term variation to hours
S062 Permanent and Part Time - Permanent variation to hours
S066 Honorarium
S067 Extension to existing temporary contract
S172 Changes to weeks per year